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The Comments and Feedback feature is being re-written as I have gone with a new wesite hosting provider. I have put a version of this feedback form in here that is functional (I will receive your comments) but it does give an error message that I can quite figure out how to get rid of. For the time being you'll just have to ignore the error message. I am continuing to work on resolving this problem. My goal is to allow you to use this feedback form WITHOUT having to give your name and email address. With this version of the form you can always put in a fake name and email address.


Your comments and feedback are welcome. I read and appreciate ALL the comments that you send.

You are welcome to ask questions and I will do my best to answer them. Please don't ask complex questions that require a lot of time to answer. On occasion I get busy with personal things or the volume of questions gets overwhelming and I just can't respond.

To answer a few common questions:
-- Sorry to say I don't have this entire website in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.
-- My grammar and spelling may irritate you. Please keep keep it to yourself.
-- A lot of you notice that there are two unused twisted pairs in a CATx cable that Fast Ethernet (up to 100Mbps) do not use. You commonly ask if those unused pairs can be used for telephone wiring. Will this work? You'll find out if you try it. Will is work reliably? Probably not. Do this at your own risk. I don't recommend it. See this very good page about mixing ethernet and phone in the same cable -


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